Process for obtaining


Investor and other family wishing residence card.


Property of at least a value of € 500,000 (amount is free of charges).


Procedures and documentation to collect in Spanish territory within 60 days for visa application in the Spanish consulate in the country of origin:

1) The foreign investor must open current account in Spanish bank branch in Spain and enter:

  • € 25,560.52 for the applicant and 100% of the IPREM
  • € 6,390.13 for each additional family member.
  • Amount equal to greater than 500,000 euros for the purchase of property.

2) Have or enlist in Spain a public or private health insurance with a company to operate in Spain.

3) Request Certificate “Entitlement, charges and levies” the Land Registry. Important: If 90 days is not yet registered the deed to the property of the sale shall be submitted to the Spanish consulate in the country of origin with the rest of documentation, the “entry of presentation” of the deed of ownership sale in the Registry of Property and receipt of payment of taxes cart.


With all the aforementioned documents go to the consulate of the country of origin or residence to present the corresponding instance / application of “residence visa” as an investor, crediting (in compliance with the “Anti Money Laundering Act) the revenue breakdown the applicant, justifying the bank moves made last year, bringing into force the investor passports and all their families and paying fees for consular Spanish.

You may also request photos consulate, criminal record certificate from the country of origin or certificate of good conduct or medical certificate attesting to the absence of disease both the applicant and his family and that could prevent their transfer to Spain.


Once granted a residence visa must travel, within 30 days of its concession in Spain to apply for residence permit. With this permission can officially reside in Spain for two years without having to leave after 90 days. You can then apply for a residence card as an EU citizen and 10 years into the Spanish nationality.

Observations on the card or Residence Permit in Spain:

– It may enter without a visa in Spain from their country of origin can also enter other Schengen countries without residence visa with a maximum stay of 90 days that the Governments be checked by the flight data.

– The passport is not stamped only occurs when a non-EU enters the first Schengen country.

– U.K. not belong to the Schengen countries so you can not enter with Spanish residence card.

– In general scheme can only enter visa relatives of EU citizens who have family and community card in Spain.