The identity number (NIE) in Spain, is a code that is assigned to non-nationals for identification. It consists of an initial letter (X for assigned prior to July 2008 and a Y for after that date), seven digits and one alphabetic character verification.

According to article 101 of the Immigration Regulations Spanish, foreigners for economic, professional or social interests are directly related to Spain, are assigned a personal, unique and exclusive number of sequential character for identification purposes. Such numerical assignment must appear on all documents issued or processed, as well as the measures which are affixed on his identity card or passport.


To assign NIE subsequent requests will be accepted:

  • For deliveries in Spain personally by the applicant.
  • For deliveries in Spain through duly accredited representative. In this case, it is expressly stated in the application form EX15, including all data representative of the second paragraph of that form.
  • The submitted consular corresponding to Spain in their area of residence abroad.

The documentation required for the allocation of NIE is:

  • Printed-standard application (EX15) duly completed.
  • Original and photocopy of the passport, identity card, travel document or certificate of registration in force.
  • Communication of economic, professional or social reasons that the alien identification number (NIE) is requested.