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Who can benefit from this law?

a) Investors.
b) Entrepreneurs.
c) Highly qualified professionals.
d) Investigator
e) Workers performing intra movements within the same company or group of companies.

General requirements for stay or residence.

a) Not found illegally in Spanish territory.
b) Over 18 years.
c) No criminal record in Spain and in countries where they have lived for the past five years, for offenses under Spanish law.
d) Not listed as reprehensible in the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement to that effect.
e) Having a public insurance or private insurance concluded with an insurance entity authorized to operate in Spain.
f) Have sufficient financial resources for themselves and for members of his family during his period of residence in Spain.
g) Pay the fee for processing the permit or visa.

Effects residence visa for investors

The granting of a residence visa for investors will be enough to reside in Spain for at least one year title.

Entry and stay to start business.

1. Foreigners can apply for a visa to enter and stay in Spain for a period of one year with the sole or primary purpose of carrying out the preparatory work to develop an entrepreneurial activity.
2. Visa holders provided in the preceding paragraph may access the status of residence for entrepreneurs under this section without applying for a visa without a minimum prior period of stay is required, when warranted that previously produced the actual start business activity for which the visa was requested.